JBHD Ltd provides services for the adult ADHD community and organisations. Services include individual ADHD coaching, couples ADHD coaching, public talks on ADHD, institutional training on ADHD, and advice and support for various organisations, including the media, the NHS, government bodies, and companies.

Who we are

James Brown, PhD.

Professor James Brown is a Director of JBHD Ltd, and an Associate Professor in Biosciences at Aston University in the UK. He has a significant presence in the field of ADHD, especially for adults, and has become a well-known figure due to his extensive work and personal experiences with ADHD. James was diagnosed with ADHD in February 2021, after being aware of living with it for about five years.

He is notably active in several ADHD-related initiatives. James is a co-founder of ADHDadultUK, a registered UK charity focused on supporting adults with ADHD. He also co-founded Focusmag.uk, an evidence-based online magazine, and The ADHD Adults Podcast, which discusses issues related to adult ADHD, while sharing evidence-based information and personal experiences.

In addition to these roles, James is also an author, public speaker, consultant, science communicator, and ADHD coach. His contributions to the field extend to writing on health-related matters, with a notable readership, including over 2.3 million reads on The Conversation, a platform for academic and research community contributions.

Through his various roles and platforms, James actively contributes to raising awareness, providing support, and offering educational resources about ADHD, particularly for adults. 

Sam Brown

Sam Brown is a Director and Secretary of JBHD Ltd as well as an Executive Personal Assistant with expertise in ADHD-informed PA support, and an ADHD Coach.

Sam also co-founded and runs the ADHDadultUK charity and is a co-host of The ADHD Adults Podcast. 

Her involvement in these initiatives reflects her personal experience with ADHD and her commitment to raising awareness and providing support for adults living with the condition.

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